Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan

The Township offers two choices for pre-authorized tax payments: an installment plan or monthly payments. Find out how these payment plans work below and click Next when you are ready to complete the Authorization Form.

Installment Plan

  • Automatic debit of your bank account on the installment day for the installment amount.
  • No missed due dates or late payment charges.
  • No line ups or mailing/postage costs.

Monthly Payment

  • Automatic debit of your bank account on the 15th of each month from November to October.
  • No line-ups or postage costs.
  • Payments will start in November and continue until October.

How does this plan work?

Once you submit your Authorization Form, we will contact you to advise you of the monthly amount to be withdrawn from your bank account, beginning in the month of November until and including June.

Any change in tax levy for the year as the result of assessment and/or tax rate changes will be reflected on your final tax bill and the monthly debit amount will be adjusted to the amount required to clear your account. This will be noted on the bottom of your final tax bill mailed or emailed in late June. Any levy change will be spread evenly over the months of July until and including October.