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Community Flag Raising Request Form

To recognize and celebrate an inclusive West Lincoln, the Township of West Lincoln offers the temporary opportunity to raise community flags on the designated Community Flag Pole located at the West Lincoln Community Centre enhancing awareness of causes, special occasions, and activities. Approval is at Council's discretion as outlined in the Township's Corporate Flag Policy. 

The Township will fly the flags of: 

  • Other sovereign nations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Other local organizations 

Requests will be confirmed on a first come first served basis.

Organizations are required to provide their own flag & other information pertaining to their flag raising program in advance of the flag raising.

Requests will not be approved for:

  • Political parties or organizations
  • Commercial entities or in celebration of corporate events
  • Religious organizations or in celebration of religious events
  • Groups, organizations, or events that promote beliefs contrary to any other Township policy or pose a reputational risk to the Township
  • Organizations that support hatred, violence or racism, or contradict the Ontario Human Rights Code

To request a flag raising with the Township of West Lincoln please complete the form below. 

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