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Refreshment Vehicles, Refreshment Cycles and Refreshment Carts - Licence Application

If you wish to apply for a Refreshment Vehicle, Cycle or Cart Licence, please complete the form below. Before applying, please review By-law 2010-20, as amended. This by-law provides for the regulation and licensing of refreshment vehicles, cycles and carts.

Please note: This application is a Public Document. All information set out will be released to any person who makes a request for this information. 

Use of Propane: (except as automobile fuel)

Please complete the form and submit it with:

  • Payment
  • A copy of the Site Plan
  • Photograph of the Vehicle, Cycle or Cart
  • Letter(s) of Permission
If you will be using someone else’s property, a letter of permission will be required. Do you have the written permission of the property owner?

I/We hereby make application for the above-noted licence and agree to operate the said business in accordance with the by-laws and regulations of the Township of West Lincoln. I/We hereby certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct.


Privacy Statement

Personal Information collected will be used for the purposes indicated only, in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information & Privacy Act. Questions regarding the collection of personal information may be directed to the Office of the Municipal Clerk.